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The Freedom To Cruise Without Limits

SmartCruiser is a service that aims to enhance the experience of cruise tourists by providing them with a reliable and efficient connection throughout their voyage.


With the help of a small portable router, each passenger can connect their devices and enjoy uninterrupted access to data traffic in any country the ship lands.

Router portatile

Rent out on board the cruise ship

SmartCruiser enables you to offer the router to your passengers on board, both at the beginning and during the cruise, ensuring them a constant connection.

We provide you with several customizable data packages based on your set  itinerary, and offer complete support for the use of our product. 

Nave da crociera

Data bundles for any country

Controllo della spesa

Monitored spend


Direct assistance and remot control

Elevate the level of services you provide
to your  passengers



Personalized an suitable price plans

Choose the best plans for your sea routes. SmartCruiser is compatiblewith both eSim and Sim OTA offering several options to meet different requirements of your passengers.


Fast and reliable internet connection

Your passengers will connect to the best available networks and enjoy a fast and reliable Internet connection.


Branded device

You should personalize your SmartCruiser with your company logo. You define the price for the router rental to your passengers.


Direct assistance

We offer comprehensive support and remote management services for routers.

Find out all the advantages
of SmartCruiser

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