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The Innovative White-label Solution For Digital Audio Advertising


Wait4Call is a completely customizable solution aimed at companies and mobile network operators, that allows you to integrate new features in your company's proprietary App easily. 

Optimizes a space never used up to now, the smartphone call waiting time. Thanks to our solution you can broadcast a short adv in the time between the outgoing call and the answer by the interlocutor.


1. User activates the service on the App


2. Listens to an ADV they  like


3. Gets a reward


4. Spends the credit in the company's marketpalce

A full experience for your user base

Wait4call is not only audio advertising, is a complete service that gives you the opportunity to integrate an extended selection of functionalities, designed to update every App in a simple way.


Whether it’s a service app, an entertainment, or a shopping app, our solution gives you all the tools you need to improve and enrich the end-user experience. 

You can integrate our solution into any app compatible with the Android operating system through a completely personalizable SDK.

Audio Advertising

Broadcast special offers and promotions to your customers, during the waiting time of any call from the smartphone,  both directly, thanks to your dedicated dashboard, and indirectly, through programmatic advertising providers.

Audio advertising

Empower your app to increase your profits
and retain customers.



Empower your App, making it more competitive

Renovate your app and drastically reduce your costs by integrating new features through a completely customizable SDK.


You have a new advertising channel 

Thanks to the ability to broadcast audio and video ads via programmatic and direct advertising, you can sell your ads spaces to agencies and companies to earn money based on the impressions generated from the advertisement.


Increase your profits thanks to your App's user-base.

Your users spend the credit collected through Wait4Call to buy your products or services. You set how and when your users can use their credit.


Reduce the churn rate and retain your users

You build customer loyalty with rewards and activities such as games and more and attract more users thanks to your new services and the earning potential provided by your app and, at the same time,


Discover the full potential of Wait4Call

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